What If My SSDI Application Has Been Denied?

It is no secret that many Workers' Compensation claims are initially denied. If your claim was denied, however, that does not mean you should give up. In most cases, we are able to identify the problem with the claim and help our client resolve it.

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Why Hire An Attorney?

Your employer's insurance company will have lawyers working on your case - the law requires it. You should have someone on your side to level the playing field. The attorneys at Silverman Law have the knowledge and experience to give you a fighting chance.

There are numerous reasons an insurance company may deny your claim. Some of the reasons often state by the carrier include:

  • Lack of causal relationship (injury not caused by accident)
  • Failure to notify employer within the time frame allotted
  • Denial that the accident happened

Many times, the reason for a SSDI denial can be resolved by submitting the correct information and medical reports. Our attorneys can determine what your claim needs to be successful.

The insurance companies sometimes accuse workers of filing fraudulent claims, as well. To commit fraud, a person must intentionally be dishonest. Making a mistake on your application is not fraud. We know the difference and can help you fight a fraud accusation.

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