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Fatal accident in New York factory leads to OSHA investigation

Workplace safety regulations are in place for a reason -- to protect employees. When these regulations are ignored a workplace accident can very easily happen. When these accidents happen they not only lead to workplace injuries, they can also lead to fatalities.

Osha suggests changes for New York retailers this holiday season

With the holiday season now here in New York, many people are occupied with buying gifts for their loved ones. On Black Friday, in particular, many people are willing to brave the cold, long lines and massive crowds just for the chance of getting the perfect gift. What many people may not think about is the burden placed on retail workers during this time.

New York contractor falls from roof, transported by helicopter

Even with all of the proper safety precautions, accidents are a part of life. Sometimes these accidents happen while people are at work. Unfortunately, some professions are by their very nature more dangerous than others. Construction work tends to fall into the more dangerous category. On construction sites, the equipment is large and the environment can be unpredictable with workers often working high off the ground, with electricity or in dangerous weather conditions.