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Why free consultations could help your worker’s comp case

Many applicants for worker’s compensation in the Capital District fail. This could be because of an incomplete medical record or because of contradicting statements, no matter how innocent (for example, forgetting about a pre-existing condition when you first visit the doctor about your injury). The employer may successfully argue that the injury was sustained outside of the scope of job duties.

What effect will workers’ comp have on my Social Security?

If you are currently receiving workers’ compensation in Schenectady for a work injury, then you may also qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. Your injuries must last for at least 12 months and keep you from engaging in gainful employment. There are stipulations in place that can affect how much you can receive. Having a good understanding of the effects can help you to maximize your benefits.

Mistakes that can cause you to lose your workers’ comp case

Suffering from a work injury is a serious event that can easily overwhelm you with feelings of stress, worry and helplessness. The pain you experience daily can take all your physical and mental effort to manage. Add to the equation numerous laws and policies and it is no wonder that many injured employees make mistakes when filing a workers’ compensation claim.