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October 2016 Archives

OSHA's sad litany: year after year, same dangers confront workers

Falling from a scaffold or ladder is a constant danger for any employee who routinely works at height. We all know that, of course: It is patently obvious, and something that needs to be rigorously safeguarded against.

The title 'independent medical examination doctor' is a misnomer

Workers in the state of New York are subject to workers compensation laws that are among the strictest in the country. If you are ever hurt at work, you will likely speak to a doctor to determine the extent of your injury. To handle your claim, your employer may require you to see a doctor who is not your primary care physician. Instead, you could see an independent medical examination doctor for an evaluation.

Do I get permanent workers' comp benefits if I have a permanent disability? Probably not.

One question we commonly get from seriously disabled workers is whether their workers' compensation benefits will continue indefinitely if their injury is permanent.