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March 2016 Archives

When will OSHA investigate a New York workplace?

It should be the goal of every New York workplace to keep employees safe from harm. However, accidents still happen that lead to serious injuries. These injuries can have serious impacts on a worker's personal life. Not only can the worker incur medical expenses as a result of the accident, the worker may also lose income as the person recovers.

When unsafe conditions lead to an accident, know your rights

Construction sites in New York can be extremely dangerous. Even under the best conditions, construction equipment is large and comes with the potential for accidents. Even when the equipment is being used correctly and safety procedures are in place, construction sites just have inherent risks.

Unsafe conditions lead to worker injury in New York

Workers in New York need to know that they will be safe when they go to work. If people don't feel safe, they won't be able to work effectively. However, many individuals go to work when safety guidelines are not properly followed. They risk their health and well-being in order to collect their paycheck. This unfortunate reality has led to many injuries, and even deaths, throughout the state.