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October 2015 Archives

Ensure that employers follow workplace safety rules

New York workers put themselves at risk in many situations. Many people may not see their office jobs as being dangerous, but people may be surprised to learn how many workplace accidents really occur throughout the state. When these accidents happen, employees may ask how they could have been prevented.

Worker denied benefits after fall at work in New York

Much like private sector employees, public employees face a variety of challenges at work. In some cases, these public employees put their lives on the line in order to do their jobs. They risk their own personal safety for the benefit of others. When an accident occurs, certain benefits may be available to public workers to help cover the cost of damage caused by the accident.

Grocery store workers and repetitive stress injuries

When people think of dangerous professions, they may think of construction work, industrial jobs or jobs involving hazardous materials. They likely do not often think of grocery store workers. However, New York residents that work in grocery stores face a variety of health hazards on a daily basis. While some of these hazards come in the form of equipment used in the grocery store, the most common hazard is from repetitive injuries.

What New York workers are protected by OSHA regulations?

Any New York workplace can be filled with dangers. In some cases, the danger comes from exposure to toxic chemicals. In others, the danger comes from heavy machinery, heights or electricity. Whatever the specific danger is, most New York workers are protected by a variety of safety precautions taken by the employer to help keep them safe. Not only are most employers interested in protecting their employees, most are obligated to follow federal safety regulations. These regulations protect employees and help to prevent workplace accidents.