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August 2015 Archives

What types of injuries are covered by workers' compensation?

When people go to work, they usually do not expect to be injured. While some occupations lend themselves to injuries, most people never face a true threat. However, when the unthinkable happens, and an injury occurs, workers do have protections. Workers' compensation helps to ensure that workers get financial compensation for their injuries. This compensation covers medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs and more.

Government workers can protect their interests after accidents

When people think about the state or federal government, they likely think of them as the bodies that make the rules. It is the government that is responsible for making many of the workplace safety rules, for example, that New York employers must abide by. Therefore, many people may not think of workplace accidents and government workers going hand in hand. However, just because the government makes the rules, doesn't mean that employees are immune from workplace accidents and occupational diseases.

Construction site collapse injures two New York workers

Construction season is in full swing throughout New York State. Construction workers are working every day to improve the state's roads, buildings and other infrastructure before the long, cold winter. While this construction can cause traffic delays and other headaches, without construction workers the state would quickly fall into disrepair.