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June 2015 Archives

Are children prohibited from certain jobs in New York?

Many New Yorkers understand that not all jobs are safe. Many people risk their lives and their health in order to make a living. In today's economic climate, adults are not the only people going to work to support themselves. There are children -- individuals under the age of 18 -- that go to work in order to earn money for themselves and their families. These children can be put in situations that put their safety at risk.

The New York Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Program

A New York accident can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes, accidents are minor, and other times they result in serious injuries. New York workplaces are no exception to these rules. Workplace accidents occur all the time and can result in harm to employees.

Know how to respond when a workplace injury takes a life

The death of a loved one can leave a New York family in turmoil. There is often a strong emotional response, even when a death is expected. However, in cases of a sudden death, family members may not even know how to emotionally respond to the death of their beloved. There can be feelings of sadness, anger and regret.