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March 2014 Archives

Two New York workers injured in house fire

Workplace accidents can happen at any number of New York workplaces. Whether large or small, permanent or temporary, workers are never 100 percent safe. In a recent accident, workers were striping cabinets in a private residence when a fire occurred.

Company risks workplace injuries -- fined by OSHA

There are often stories in the news about food safety. New York residents want the food that they eat to be safe and healthy; nor do they want to get sick by eating food that hasn't been prepared correctly. However, very few people likely think about the safety of the workers that help in making that food. In today's world, many foods are processed in factories that are run by workers -- many of whom are at risk for workplace injuries.

Construction workers hurt after New York building collapses

Construction workers are sometimes tasked with completing projects in dangerous conditions. They are often the ones who need to repair buildings, roadways and other structures so they are safe for other people. This can mean that construction workers are putting themselves in danger in order to make others safe. Under these conditions, construction site accidents are bound to happen which can easily lead to workplace injuries.