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October 2013 Archives

Latinos at greater risk for construction accidents in New York

Construction workers across the state of New York have dangerous jobs. They do things other people can't in order to build all around the state. These jobs generally require great physical strength and a knowledge of many different trades. People work while exposed to the elements and in dangerous locations. Under these conditions, construction accidents can easily occur, and when they do workers often suffer grave injuries.

New York worker injured as truck tips over

New York workers are expected to work in a variety of conditions. Whether it is 50 stories off the ground, on a construction site, in an office building or on a rural road, New Yorkers work to get their jobs done. In the course of these jobs, people are often injured. Workplace accidents happen quickly and can easily endanger the lives of these hard working people.

New York plant contests OSHA's findings

Following a fatal workplace accident, a New York plastics plant has been investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The fatal accident occurred on March 22 when a company truck driver was hit and killed by a forklift. In the investigation, OSHA claims to have found 16 serious violations at the plant. These violations include an inoperable backup alarm on the forklift, failure to provide proper handrails on stairways, failure to maintain proper stairway angle, not providing slip-resistant rungs on latters, failing to clear surfaces of combustible dust and others.

New York Workers' Compensation Board to close 8 locations

When workers are injured in New York, they have the right to file for workers' compensation. Workers' compensation can help workers with the financial effects of a workplace accident. Following an injury at work, workers' compensation can help workers with medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitative costs and other damages. This compensation is there for workers so they can focus on their recovery and not on their bills.

New York Port Authority officers hit by car

People who work for the government go to work each day hoping to get their job done. While some government jobs in New York are dangerous -- like police officers and fire fighters -- they still hope to make it home in one piece. Unfortunately, sometimes workplace accidents and, subsequently workplace injuries can effect New York's government workers.